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WinDesign is a suite providing 3 modules to design & specify Info Systems
Jul 26, 2022
Dec 24, 2014
Sep 6, 2014
Apr 18, 2014
Jul 11, 2012
Jul 30, 2011
Jul 7, 2010
Apr 3, 2009
Jul 28, 2008
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Jul 30, 2008
Aug 25, 2008

What's new

v13.1 [Apr 18, 2014]
- Deletion of specific styles of all duplicates, when changing graphical variant on one of the duplicates.
- Correction of query and matrix XML export, that was incorrect since version 12.0.6.
- Removal of the error blocking message, when an image could not be exported when generating intranet documentation.
- Removal of the slowness occuring with the drag&drop of an object, when the dictionary was open with numerous objects.
- Removal of the slow display of the dialog boxes of objects input and linked objects, with a large volume dictionary

v12.0 [Jul 11, 2012]
-Performances optimization ...
Version 12 revolutionizes previous versions in terms of performance through the integration of multiple devices on storage techniques and methods of opening and closing files, allowing a more comfortable working with larger volumes.
- Recovery of Visio diagrams ...
Version 12 offers a new import function to retrieve the models created with Visio drawing tool, with graphic transposition, object creation and data retrieval.
Models are converted to WinDesign (setup of conversion scenarios) and integrated in the repository. The images from the style options of Visio can be stored and associated with the types of objects of the meta model WinDesign.
- Harmonization of profiles ...
This wizard enables the harmonization of the settings contained in profiles.
This allows in particular to benefit from proposed changes in new versions of WinDesign, while retaining its own previous settings.
- The web publisher search engine
- The updating of models in series (with profile application)
- Various options for generating the intranet documentation
- New search function associated with all lists of objects

v11.0 [Jul 30, 2011]
New graphical devices that can enrich the information in the diagram, while improving the readability of models : outlying images and areas
New graphical devices to facilitate the creation of diagrams : container object and management of included tables
A new presentation of impact analysis in a matrix form
A new option of crossed references presentation of the objects in the intranet documentation
New possibilities of presentation in the publisher
A new feature to import the definition of queries and editions
Integration of BPMN 2.0 formalism
Bpmn files generation
Bpmn files import

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